Charpentier’s three deck illusion - International Edition

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SummaryInternational Edition - This Model is designed for Euro 1 cent A participant is asked to lift all three decks and then the top deck alone. The participant will think the top box weighs more than all three boxes combines. How does this work? Charpentier, a French physician, discovered this illusion over 100 years ago. The illusion occurs when a person underestimates the weight of a larger object (Three decks) when compared to a smaller object of the same mass (Top deck). The top deck is filled with 84 pennies and the bottom 2 decks are hollow. Most of the weight is located in the top deck. The mind will trick you every time. Great illusion for the class room, team building events and showing friends. Step by step guide: Fore more information: First demonstrated online: Scientific White paper: To build this project you will need: 3 X Charpentier_Three_deck_illusion_TOP 3 X Charpentier_Three_deck_illusion_BOTTOM 84 X Pennies Glue gun, abs juice or super glue

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