Mini Christmas Tree Stand

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SummaryLooked online for a Mini/Micro Christmas tree stand but could not find one. Wanted to add some Christmas Cheer to my work desk Can be printed on Makerbot Designed for Small Desktop trees. UPDATES: New Base Released! Mini_Christmas_Tree_stand_base V2 has thinner wall & built in M4 NUT. Rounded corner alsoInstructionsPrint: 1 X Mini Christmas Tree stand base 4 X Mini Christmas Tree stand leg 4 x Mini Chirstmas Tree stand tree holder Find: 4 X 4mm 35~40mm long Socket head Screw. (or eye screws) 1) Assembly Legs into base (.2mm offset already built in) 2) Screw is 4mm screws 3) Add Caps 4) Find tree 5) Put into stand and lock down 6) Fill with water 7) Add Leds controlled by and arduino

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