Helo model Rocket & Launch Pad (Estes Style)

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SummaryThis Item is still a work in progress. Need to figure out how to add hinges to make the rocket lets flip out. Help requested! How many times did you lose that model rocket you spent hours on as a kid? Stuck in a tree or on top of your neighbor's roof that was alway my luck. What if I told you that you can rekindle that childhood spark with your 3D printed model rocket? Don't worry about all of your hard work going to waste , just print yourself another and go!Instructions NEWS: 4-25-2010 Transformation Video from Rocket (takeoff) to Helicopter (recovery) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykivOqE-E18 4-23-2010 Assembly Video added on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzO67dKLD4M What you need to get flying: 3D Printed Parts: 3 X Helo Rocket Model Bottom 3 X Helo Rocket Model Top 4 X Rocket Launch Pad Arm 4 X Rocket Launch Pad Base Household Items: 1 X Clothes Hanger 4 X M6 Nuts (Optional) 3~6 X Rubber bands Aluminium Foil Miscellaneous Wires 9 Volt Battery 1 X Estes "A series motor" Tools: Makerbot Cupcake Cutters Super Glue 400 grit Sandpaper Building your own Helo Rocket Print all 6 parts. Multiple parts will fit on each print. Remove parts and lightly sand down the parts to make them workable, or leave them "Textured Makerbot Style" for added cool points :-) Glue each Rocket top to bottom. There is a built-in lip for added strength and durability Bend active hinge on the rocket top. All printers will produce a slightly different hinge. So play with your hinge and determine how much force its takes to bend it. (Warning: Do not repeatedly bend the active hinge back and forth it could break.) Cut two small notches 1/3 of the way down the new assembly. This is where the rubber bands will attach later. Repeat for other two assemblies 6) Glue all three nose cones together 7) Sand down the rocket to make it more aerodynamic, or leave it "Textured Makerbot Style" 8) Glue rubberband to allactive hinge so that it bends. (More pictures coming soon) 9) Test Fit rocket to make sure it fits snuggly in the bottom pocket Testing Rocket: A) Pull test 1) Install rocket motor into the rocket. 2) Hold the top of the nose come and pull the rocket out. 3A) If the fins flare out your set for test two . 3B) If Not, Check the rubber band tention. Tighten the rubber band. Go back to step 1 3C) If the Rocket motor is hard to pull out, Smooth down the inside of the fins. Go back to step 1 Building your own estes style rocket Launch pad 1) Print: 4 X Rocket Launch Pad Arm 4 X Rocket Launch Pad Base 2) Acquire 1 X Clothes Hanger 4 X M6 Nuts (Optional) A roll of Aluminium Foil 3)

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