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Summary For the Take Your Child To Work Day this year myself and a friend decided that we would do a marble run for the children. Rather than ordering tracks and pieces to assemble them with, we decided to create/print our own tracks. We created them in a way that the children could use Legos to hold the tracks. We also created a slanted Lego piece to assist in angling the tracks. You should not use supports for the slanted lego pieces. If you do they may be hard to use You can read about the marble run here: Overview and Background What is a marble run If you do not know what a marble run is; it is where you have multiple teams that need to assemble tracks together that a marble can roll down and whichever team uses the most tracks or, as a tie breaker, has the fastest run wins. The catch is if the tracks are too steep, and the marble has too much speed, the marble will jump the track and the team will be disqualified. Lesson Plan and Activity We assembled the children into teams of four and gave them 35 minutes to see how what they could come up with. Materials Needed Some straight and curved tracks (print them) Some slanted lego pieces (print them) A lot of legos Some marbles.

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