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Braille Blocks is a tool used to imprint braille on paper as an alternative to expensive Braille printers. Braille Blocks is separated into the block holder and the braille blocks itself. The braille blocks have each of the braille characters designed on them. The blocks and the block holder were designed in order to fit a standard sheet of paper and meant to be easily portable and be a power-free solution to printing braille.

How to Use:

- Insert blocks into block holder according to what you intend to have imprinted on the paper. insert the panel of the block holder into the slot to close of the block holder so none of the tiles fall out. Press the braille side onto the sheet of paper. The Braille will imprint itself into the paper like a braille printer would do. (Best if pressed on an open area while surrounding area is on flat surface to allow braille to imprint more heavily) (Can also use braile side up and press down with paper in hand to have braille imprinted in)

(I apologize for not presenting images of a 3D printed physical version as I do not currently have a cheap and effective method to get my designs 3D printed)

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