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This is the keyboard helper. This design is a replacement for your keyboard keys. This keyboard helper utilizes the design for a scissor style key which is currently the most common style key found on keyboards today. This design is meant to look simplistic. The design features a slightly elevated and slightly angled key. people who have limited mobility in their hands can have difficulties sometimes when attempting to use a computer. Many of the keyboard helpers commercially available are way to expensive and are impractical since they do not provide a permanent solution. This keyboard helper allows you to snap the key in and permanently keep it there. The design is slightly elevated and angled so it helps limit how much motion is needed to type. instead of using a vertical motion to type, the user would extend their arm horizontally to push on the keyboard in order to type in any number or letter on the keyboard. This design can work on almost any commercially sold scissor style keyboard and is a quick, easy, cost efficient, and permanent solution to typing.

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