Friendly Robotic Organism of Generosity (F.R.O.G.)


Coming from a distant future arrives the Friendly Robotic Organism of Generosity (F.R.O.G.). The F.R.O.G. presents a simplistic design that is meant as a robotic friend for children from the future. The toy is minimalistic with a built in A.I. that acts to help children and assist in their educational development. The design features a frog for children to enjoy being accompanied by it and to play with it. The purpose of the F.R.O.G. system is to allow children to receive a more personalized education where the F.R.O.G. essentially replaces a teacher and allows for a more interactive educational experience for children becoming a persoanl database guiding children through lessons through visual experiences. 

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Friendly Robotic Organism of Generosity (F.R.O.G.).stl
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