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There are many people in this world who suffer from diseases which disables them from full functionality of their hands, such as arthritis. Many cannot open or close their hands because of these diseases. The modular utensil set is supposed to help with that to aid those without the ability to use their hands to pick up utensils. Eating is a necessary everyday activity, and those with limited mobility in their hands are generally not capable of picking up utensils on their own. This device allows people with limited mobility in their hands to be able to pick up utensils by themselves. The set includes a hollowed out box with notches on the side for the insertion of the blocks attached to the utensils. The red torus you see in the pictures, indicate where a piece of velcro should fit in in order to strap to the users hand. The STL file does not include the red torus and has holes in its place for the velcro. This device will make it significantly easier for those with limited mobility in their hands to use utensils and will make food consumption less stressful. Utensils are only one of many applications that can be used with this device, you can also create modular block attachments for phones, credit cards, etc. I currently do not have a functioning 3d printer, so if anyone would like to download, test, and help me by posting a photo of the printed product and it working, that would be greatly appreciated! These utensils should only be made from a PLA filament since PLA filament is considered safe to touch food. Do NOT use ABS filament to print utensils. 

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