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This design is intended to assist those who have limited mobility in their hands to be able to brush their teeth with ease. Most designs that are commercially sold for this issue are uncomfortable for use as the toothbrush is set perpendicular to the user's arm, so the user constantly has to switch their arm positions in order to get all angles of their teeth while brushing. My design, however, goes along parallel to the user's arm, and only requires one motion to be able to cover the area of all of the user's teeth. By incorporating a parallel design, the toothbrush helper puts greater ease on all of the user's joints and simplifies the process of brushing your teeth. All you have to do to get the design to work is by snapping any toothbrush into the insert, and slide your hand into the hand ring in order for it to fully work. Credit to leon1 from pinshape for the hand clip design, and credit to dezbot from thingiverse for the toothbrush holder design.

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