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Summary Label Slider (NES) After you 3d printed the parts and finished the below tutorial you will have a automatic slideshow of your favorite NES cartridge labels. Hardware Raspberry pi (2, 3) Waveshare Spotpear 3.5inch RPi LCD (A), 320×480 Software feh read the comments!! Resize/edit the NES Labels you want to show on the display to 320x480 Move the Label jpgs on the SD card of your PI Make feh automatically boot on startup Enjoy Some thoughts on feature and software improvements, 1 It would be nice if it would show the relevant game label when playing that game on RetroPie Play the game on the HDMI screen Show the game Label on the 320x480 screen 2 Pi Zero . i made this model using Sketchup and Meshmixer Used source models: "Raspberry Pi Display Case" By ftobler "Nes cartridge" by JP2000 Example - NES Labels 320x480 Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 3 Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gradius Kung Fu Custom Section Spider-man Custom Section Gremlins 2 Custom Section Ninja Gaiden Custom Section Battle of Olympus Custom Section Snake's Revenge Custom Section Extra Info (i'm getting a lot of downloads on my models, yet i don't see much people post back there printed results, if you want people continue to provide FREE models, please provide something back in return: Pictures, Comments, Tip money, a Thank you, a Follow or a Like...) Thanks for watching, If you enjoy this model please support and check out my other models and tutorials: . For example: LASERBEAM Ancient "3d printing" Technique (Cylinder Seal VA-243) (Tutorial + Example) Megabyte Bust - Reboot (Low-Poly) D-WAVE 2X - Quantum Computer The Ark of the Covenant - Diorama-KIT

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