Machinegun Mickey

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Summary Machinegun Mickey Mickey mouse holding 2 machine guns Post-Printing Tail: i have made a hole for the tail location, the tail can be glued on, make it from from iron wire, or a paperclip. -Paint: Nail polish Sanding How I Designed This Workflow: T-pose Mickey from Gamecube game Mixamo Blender Meshmixer Netfab Extra info (i'm getting a lot of downloads on my models, yet i don't see much people post back there printed results, if you want people continue to provide FREE models, please provide something back in return: Pictures, Comments, Tip money, a Thank you, a Follow or a Like...) Thanks for watching, If you enjoy this model please support and check out my other models and tutorials: . For example: LASERBEAM Ancient "3d printing" Technique (Cylinder Seal VA-243) (Tutorial + Example) Megabyte Bust - Reboot (Low-Poly) D-WAVE 2X - Quantum Computer The Ark of the Covenant - Diorama-KIT

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