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Summary This is not an april fools joke! watch the youtube video! https://youtu.be/VnWY0r1r9lQ The gear ratio of two of these in series is 1,901,641 : 1 Disclamer Please know that this gearbox is designed to be a simple demonstration model. it will self destruct under load, please watch the end of the youtube video to see the failure mode. Gear Down For What? 1,379 Turns of the input sun gear will result in ring gear #2 making one full rotation. These are designed to be able to mount them in series on the channel, or drive them with the included stepper motor mount. You will need to scale the channel longer if you want to use two gearboxes and the stepper motor mount on the same channel, but keep in mind it is very boring to watch the second gearbox rotate, as it is very slow. Gear Information: Helix angle 30deg Pressure Angle 20deg Planetary Gearset #1 (Input End) Tooth Module = 1 Sun = 16T Planets = 17T Ring = 50T Planetary Gearset #2 (Output End) Tooth Module = .846 Sun = 19T Planets = 20T Ring = 59T I Also Included the Fusion 360 Project with this :)

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