You may have seen my kickstarter project:

unfortunately, I did not reach the target that I fixed...

I expected to take one month off my job to "finish" the job: I wanted to improve the design and prepare accurate, complete, clear building instructions...

But I still can release my "uncomplete" job...

The desing is good enough to be sold as is...

About this 3d printer:

Sturdy, solid, foldable, portable, easy to use, easy to build for around 300$

You can bring it anywhere. 

If you don't have that much room, you can put it away when non needed. 

Auto bed leveling. 

You can upgrade the printer you already have into a case-rap!

8x8x8 or 8x12x8.

(if you want to build 8x12x8, just add 4 inches (200mm to the width of the case rods and straps.)

And if I start selling more here... I may find the time to improve the design and the build instructions!

So about the stls... Some of them needs to be printed more than once. I've written it in the file's name. (2x, 3-4x)

The following link  is my "un" complete "un" accurate building instructions. Some parts of the instructions are up to date, some are not. You will find in this document the blueprints for the case, the buying list, etc. The wiring is even written in french, easier for me... But for the wiring anyways, it's just like any other reprap 3d printer, you'll find the informations at least 1000 other places on internet.

Design Files

File Size

558 KB
y carriage.stl
213 KB
z motors brackets.stl
951 KB
other 2x hinge 97,4mm position (6,142),(51,51).stl
121 KB
other 2x hinge 194mm position (6,6),(6,188).stl
111 KB
other 2x preassembled hinge.stl
398 KB
other 3-4x wire bracket.stl
52.2 KB
other handle.stl
873 KB
other LCD case.stl
1.49 MB
other LCD Knob.stl
896 KB
other spool bracket.stl
340 KB
177 KB
330 KB
x motor.stl
490 KB
y bar clamps (all).stl
921 KB
z bar clamps.stl
520 KB


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