mks TFT 28 single print case


Summary I searched for mks tft28 on this website, and they were all complex, multiple parts with screws, mobile part, upper and lower part... I chose one that looked fine and it sucked, so i decided to design one. This is single print. the device is hot glued in it. But anyways, it's just tight enough, glue was an option here... Than the case is screwed on a wood based 3d printer. Like mendel 90 or case-rap. It probably can be modified to fit other types of printer easily. By the way I very love my mks tft28, it "pimps" my case-rap 5 model. Print Settings Printer: Case-rap 5.0 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0,2 mm layer height Infill: 40%

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