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Summary I have a makerfarm 3d printer, and it is a little "soft" (I don't know if it is the right therm but in french I would say "mou") When I remove a 3d print, It happens that the leveling unajusts itself. I've heard that it is even worst with threaded rods printers. So I've been searching for solutions, I found 2, Here they are. They are independent, you can use only one or both. 3 points leveling. (with 4 points, when you move corner, the opposite moves as well, bad thing) To do that, I took My hb upside down and I saw that on the sides, There is some room without heat wire. So I decided to drill a hole in that spcae. Then I put back On my printer and drill a hole in the HB support. Using 2 other reguliar corners, It makes 3! Adjusting screw from under. I used the regular method with a screw and a spring, but I used a very long screw. Then, I used 3 nuts tightened one against each other. So Like this, I can turn the screw using the bolts. I will probably print a knob that will fit the nuts, but it is not necessary. N.B. I uploaded a know just because It needs it to put something on thingiverse! I have an other happy result: I increased my print surface using a thick raw aluminum plate (with hair spray). I dug 1/2 holes under it to fit with the screw heads. And as aluminum is a very good heat conductor, I even cut it bigger than my hb, increasing the print surface. N.B. With aluminum, I'm not able to get 115C. But at 105C, it prints perfectly. Hoping it's helping some people! If it does, tell it to my by clicking "like". This way I will know if I took this time for a good reason!

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