mosquito door automatic closer


Summary I have a adhd (attention deficit). I was not able to hear my girlfriend telling me to close the mosquito door any more. I have to say that I was also pissed off being buzzed by mosquitos!! It is not that I didn't want to close it... but I once and for all fixed the problem.

Instructions You have the choice of using or not a 13 mm bearing. in the video, there is no bearing. With a bearing, you will need less weight and the door is less hard to open. Fix a string to the top of the track where your mosquito door slides. I used electrical wire. Fix the pulley in the main rack using a 6-32 nut and bolt. Install the sting on the wheel Put some weight at the other end. I used metal rods I also used a pvc pipe to hide and guide the rods. N.B. I have seen some door that it could not be installed because there is no room at the top of the mosquito door. It can be easily remade to fit in the front of the door.

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