can dispenser fits into "frigidaire" fridge

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Summary Print both sides, and glue them together. Than it fits into regular fittings into the fridge. (my fridge is a "frigidaire" a brand owned by electrolux home products, Canada) Let me know if that fits for other brands? Also, It is a good subject for a remix! If you want, you can adapt it for other fridge brands. In the picture, you'll see some tape, it is because I printed right side first with too thin walls. So on the left side, (with the same thickness I uploaded to thingiverse), the walls are very thick. You might want to reduce walls thickness depending how well you know your printer. Hope you like it!

Instructions The layer as big as possible to save time Ex for 0,4 nozzle: 0,32 layer height. 100% filling Check z max of your printer to make sure it fits.

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