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In the not too distant future humanity has failed the planet and the atmosphere is toxic due to pollution and waste. The people who have managed to survive need to wear a breathing apparatus when venturing outside. Most animal species are gone along with any real fertile land to farm. Whats left of the human race congregate in large centers where technology can clean the air and huge food stores are grown in super-sized green houses. There are no more countries, just humans trying to survive.

Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf is a nomad who travels with his little sister Kit Fox. Together they roam from colony to colony trading anything they find along the way. It is a dangerous existence outside, competing with other nomads trying to survive as well. Timber Wolf relies on his whit, strength and sister to get by in this sad world.


Name: unknown

Height: 6”2

Weight: 205 Lbs

Skills: Extremely intelligent, quick and very proficient with batons

Software used: Zbrush, Maya, and Preform

Printer: Form2 SLA

Preform settings used:

Form Labs: Grey resin

Import: select inches

50 microns

60 point size

100 density


Human body: 5 parts in total. All are keyed. Example left arm goes in left shoulder key.

Two Sabers go into top of the hilt on both hands

Body (once put together) goes into base keys

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