Wenda, Novice Adventurer (28mm/Heroic scale)

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"The daughter of the town ferryman, Wenda was always possessed with a driving curiosity and tempered by unshakable courage. When the Merchants' Guild came to claim the township, she set out on a grand quest to find the lost treasure of the dwarves and save her peoples' land. Armed with her grandfather's magic sword and an enchanted canary bound to a silver cage, she ventured to the Forbidding Peaks to find entrance to the lightless mines of the Dymvalt, the ancestral holds of the dwarves."

The model in the main picture was printed in 28mm scale through Shapeways in black acrylate. Jeremy Larsen was kind enough to print the 100mm tall version (the one pictured in front of the brick wall) on his Rep 1.

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