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Bubba comes from a world called Crazze in the Ohsnap nebula. Crazze is a world of extremes, areas of savage, untamed land with a variety of large and small animals as well as humanoids (most of which are pretty dangerous). There are also industrialized cities with advanced and unique technology. It is similar to our planet with some good, a lot of bad and the middle just trying to get by.


Bubba is a humanoid or 'Bulken' (as their race is called, since both male and female are very bulky and robust). Bubba is the muscle in his small band. He is not super bright by any standards, however in a fight he can pretty much take on anyone or anything. Just his presences alone helps keep his small crew safe.


Name: Real name unknown..... goes by Bubba

Height: 5'8

Weight: 250 Lbs

Abilities: Strength, endurance, and great in a fight

Weapons: Two huge plasma guns

Software used: Zbrush, Maya, and Preform

Printer: Form2 SLA

Preform settings used:

Form Labs: Grey resin

Import: select inches

50 microns

60 point size

100 density


Humanoid body: 5 parts in total. All are keyed. Example left arm goes in left shoulder key.

Back pack goes into key on Bubba's back and the ends of the two tubes go in the keys that are on the lower part of the pack and on to the stock of his guns.

Once Bubba is together, place the foot keys into the base.

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