Bike Accessories For People With Hand Disabilites

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I wanted to create this design for people who enjoy bike riding but have trouble with grip strength and hand control due to a disability or injury. The design includes a bracket that attaches easily to a bike handle and has 3 interchangeable handle designs to meet the needs of the user.   The bracket slips over the handlebar of the bike with just slight pressure and then screws in underneath using the printed screw and bolt included in the design file.  The accessories attach to the bracket by turning them on the screw that is mounted on top of the bracket.  Only gentle pressure is required, and will vary depending on the strength of the chosen print material.  Stronger print materials will be more durable. No gluing is required.  Other than removing a few supports there wasn't really any post print clean-up to do.   Sanding wasn't necessary but could be done if you wanted a more polished look. It could also be primed and painted to a desired color.

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