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Show off the wonderful design of your Apple MacBook when not in use by keeping it upright on your desk in this awesome stand. 

This stand is designed to accept all types of MacBook. As you can see in the photos it will even take the size and weight of a 15" Retina MacBook. 

It is designed to be ultra-minimalist from the font. This means that when your laptop is on display you will only see a tiny part of this stand. If you print this in a very subtle filament such as Aluminium filament from 3DEX you will barely be able to notice the stand. Alternatively you could print this in a rather unusual filament such as Wood filament from 3DEX

This stand is also an excellent way to save space on your desk. By storing the MacBook upright rather than flat you'll have much more desk space. 

Printing this stand is very easy. It is a simple design that can print within an hour. We printed with a layer height of 0.25mm, a speed of 50mm/s and an infill of 15%. 

Don't forget to make sure that you print this MacBook stand using none other than the best 3D printer filament available. That is of course filament from 3DEX. p[lease visit our website at for more information. Alternatively you can contact us via email at [email protected] We always love to chat about 3D printing!

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