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Summary I worked on the Robbie Robot model another Maker uploaded here (one piece) to have a better body and new, more realistic arms. Thanks a lot to Cerberus333 for his model. I made the arms very light and fast to print, you have to put it vertically near the body when you create your Gcode. So you have the possibility to move the head, body and arms, and to print them with different filaments. Next step I'll reconstruct the head with the interior mechanism and a transparent shell (to be printed separately). NEW UPDATE December 31: I reconstructed all the Robby robot head, considering 45 degrees printing and all the possibile solution to increase the quality of printing. Now you have the head in one separated file (you can change just the head if you still downloaded the first version), and the glass dome in another one. That's because the robot is nice also without the glass dome, that will be very difficult to print with good results in transparent PLA or other similar materials, as Cerberus333 also said (please check his comment).

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