Harlock Cosmo Dragoon ITALYmaker - full rebuilded

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Summary Considering we wasn't able to find a good and SOLID 3D model of the mighty space gun from the Harlock saga, we decided to rebuild it all by zero: here you can find all the parts you need to print your own Cosmo Dragoon. Please note: 1) The Cosmofront should be printed vertically, we used a Delta 2030 for that. 2) The Cosmobody needs to be printed in two specular parts (simmetry: we used the function "cut off object bottom" of CURA slicer to print it twice and than we glue it. 3) The handle needs the same: print it in two specular times, merge the part on its simmetry. 4) The parts in wood are made with the EasyWood of FormFutura and the Plug in WOOD on CURA 14.7 (it works better on the older versions). Enjoy! :) Print Settings Notes: All the stuff is made in simple PLA, Nozzle 0.6 Layer 0.2 WITHOUT supports. Post-Printing After printing, we glue all the parts, we painted them in matt black and... That's all! :)

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