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Hi! This is an extension to the story of ‘Clementine’. 


It's made up of 9 parts in total. 

Clementine’s grandfather ‘Renard’, also an inventor and big inspiration for Clementine, invented the  previous version of the machine Clementine built.

 One day, when he was trying to telepathise with  a fox,  the machine switched their characters. The fox, taking advantage of this opportunity, ran off with Renard’s body. Renard,  now being in the form of a fox, and not being able  to talk, had to get Clementine’s attention to the situation and guide her to build a new machine, while figuring out how the character switch got triggered on the old machine  (which had a missing part stolen by the fox). This was especially difficult with no language ability, but he still had his mind and Clementine to help.

Meanwhile, the fox (In Renard’s body) had become the most wanted man in town, from stealing almost anything he could find, carrying his fox traits. Renard had to distract the police and keep his real body from being arrested so that he would be able to switch back into his old form when the machine is ready.

(The Fox model soon:)

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