Adjustable torch clamp


Summary Printed using Flashforge Dreamer with Flashprint standard ABS settings with 80mm pre extrusion. Extruder temp 220, plate temp 105. All parts printed at the same time. No raft or brim but did use automatic supports, not really sure they were required. 3D print dimensionally accurate to 3D model however the swivel (largest piece) began to lift off the bed so has a slightly warped appearance. The nuts and bolts used were just a selection I had lying around so if you want to print this check the sizes first. Also, with a 15% infill the clamp is quite weak and tends to 'open' as the clamping screw is tightened. I've updated this to use common sized machine screws and nuts. Linkage and torch clamp uses M4 machine screw and M4 nut. The clamping blot is M6 bolt and nut. Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.18mm layer height Infill: 15%

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