Surveyors tripod adapter


This was born out of the need to take levels single handedly. ‘If only I could attach my laser measurer to my tripod I could fire the beam then take the level while holding the staff’.

So this attaches to a standard surveyors tripod (5/8 11 TPI). The footplate attaches to the bottom of my laser measurer and slides into the carriage which is based on the fitting for a camera to attach to a photographer’s tripod. Use the adjusting screws as you would with a dumpy level and away you go.

The bearing was taken out of an old hard drive I had and a spring is inserted between the bottom and top plate to keep the adjusting screws under tension.

ABS printed of glass heated bed to 105C nozzle 220C. All parts other than the screws were printed with  0.18 layer thickness, 15% infill. The screws were printed with a layer height of 0.14 layer thickness, 100% infill.

Design Files

File Size

top plate.stl
1.63 MB
footplate screw.stl
810 KB
42.7 KB
Carriage V2.stl
59.3 KB
levelling screw V2.stl
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