Scifi Small Part Storage Crates

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Recently I was in need of a small parts storage bin for my desk. I wanted something that had a bit of a sci-fi storage crate feel, so I created these models. The drawer and slots have just the right amount of tolerance to create a minor air seal if you close the drawers quickly. This was an unintended effect that adds to the sci-fi feel. 

For scale, the regulare bas model is about a 90mm cube with some extra depth from the handles on the drawers. Prints well without supports!

If you print this, be sure to share and tag @andrewbougie on Twitter and Instagram. I love to see what others do with my models! 

Print Settings

  • Printer: Printrbot Simple Metal 
  • Rafts: No 
  • Supports: No 
  • Resolution: 200 microns 
  • Infill: 25%

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