Teabag Dispenser Cupboard Voronoi Sytle

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Summary I made a teabag dispenser for my wife. Now even she is enjoying the good feeling of having a 3D-printer in the house. Since we had different sizes on the teabags, I made a medium and a big version. Medium version takes teabags at 62x70mm, the Big version 65x72mm. I put some holes in the bag, to screw it to the wall, but then decided to glue it to the inside of a door, to save even more place. It was somehow inspired by that thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:582222 Print Settings Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0,2mmInfill: 20% Notes: The outer shells are at 0.8mm. It prints very fine, no problems. A normal print took me about 4h 45 mins on UMO Post-Printing Only little post-printig work to be done, in the voronoi gutter may be some strings and the edges may require some softening. How I Designed This Designed with solid edge ST 7 to get the body in right size. Later added the voronoi pattern using TinkerCAD.

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