Hanayama Cube Puzzle

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Summary The puzzle wasn't my idea, I just saw it and managed to get the thing printed on my UM. The target is to make a unique square/cube out of the 4 identical pieces. It is a tricky puzzle, but once you got the solution it isn't that hard to do. If you got it, you can even try harder, to get two connected rings as shown on the pics above. Print it! Try hard! Solve it! .......und immer lächeln! Instructions Print the part four times. The parts were printed in an upright position using a little support to hold the one side. (I added a pic of a part with support) Layers: 0,2mm Shell: 0,8mm Infill: 25% Speed: 50mm/s Approx. Time: ca 30mins. per piece Weight: around 7g per piece Maybe the infill should be a bit higher, to prevent parts breaking, when someone is getting mad, trying to solve it...

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