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Summary Ever have your Arduino connected to your computer, forget it's connected and then run off to test something when all of a sudden, the cord / Arduino is yanked off the table, everything drags on the floor and if you're lucky, nothing is broken? Well this connector allows you prevent all that headache by using your USB Cable as the mount your Arduino. It should be universal for both PC and Mac as opposed to a laptop screen clip or something Instructions This widget was designed to be used with a Type A / B USB cable that has a housing type A/B housing with dimensions: Type A: 16mm x 8mm Type B: 12mm x 10mm 1) Download the widget. 2) It is recommended to print with the large cavity facing upwards Notes: 1) The slots are added in each hole to allow for some play and snug fits for both USB connectors. Connecting the Arduino to the cable secures everything and once all is connected, your Arduino will be securely connected to your computer! 2) The stress relief holes don't 3D print well because the Skeinforge algorithm creates a couple floating island slices. This isn't a huge deal and when I have more time, I'll update with a better, more perfectly printable STL file soon. Here's a YouTube setup video: (in progress) Cheers Enjoy!

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