Sony Smartwatch 3 Handlebar Mount


Summary My usual over engineered bolted togetherness has given way to some more milder engineered bolted togetherness, and I am sure this will offend so many people, but it works for me and I thought I'd share. You will need a handlebar tripod mount that will hold the go-pro mount, or a small camera, it's the standard small 1/4 inch type. You can pick them up on Amazon for £2.99, or a more branded or heavy duty version for £7.99. There is no button to press, so this may aggravate you, however I run my watch "always on" so never use the button, and if I have to on the bike, the pin does stick out enough to get a nail to it. 2015-07-04 EDIT - Version 2 added I am leaving the original files in here because I think it's still a nice design, but I have taken a lot of feedback from some cycling buddies and redesigned accordingly: Only one bolt now. 4 was way too finicky and meant you needed to set up off bike, now you can leave the base attached and add the watch in only a few seconds. The bolt threaded end was little too long and got to the end of the channel without tightly gripping the frame so I've taken off a couple of layers. The bolt head was a little too short and you'd struggle in the cold or in gloves. Added 2.5mm. The base can be mounted "bolt up" or "bolt down" depending on your preference. Still no access to the charging hole, it's much easier to take the watch out, and if you need to walk away from the bike for any reason. Still no button presser for simplicity, "Always on" seems to be fine. Instructions Which base you need depends. If you happen to have a spare standard quarter inch whitworth or UNC nut to hand, then print out the bolt-on base for the nut. You glue the nut in and you don't have to worry about shearing the plastic so much. Should you not have anything designed in the 19th century to hold steam engines together to hand you can print out the standard screw-on base. It should be strong enough to handle all but a large tumble off the bike, and in this event the case should fail to absorb as much energy so you don't break your watch. I've printed mine at 3 shells and 25% infill and it's plenty strong enough. The new Version 2 You only need one bolt and the top printing out. The Original Version 1 You will need 4 bolts and one top printing out.

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