Torch display pillar for bigger little pumpkins

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Summary Technically not a remix, but I wanted to light Davidson3d's pumpkins. Unsatisfied with an LED, I found a torch I bought from Maplin (see below) and then tried to work out a way to make it a pillar. With the torch ends, you can use this to uplight any object, they just press fit on the ends of the torch leaving the button and LED's accessible. You can even add a colour gel if you have one - 28-30mm diameter circle. The torch has a burn time over 24 hours with the supplied batteries Here is the torch: Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: Doesn't Matter Notes: Print 2 stand parts and one pumpkin seat in black, and the Little Pumpkins in Dutch Orange at 200% size. Glue (yes, I said glue - didn't have time to build a screw option) a seat to a torch end and stick the pumpkin on. If you use 100% infill the light will not get out and you won't see the infill... but the pumpkins will weigh a lot. Between 41 and 62 grams for the ones I printed out.

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