B+ Pi Cam Ultimaker 2 timelapse harness


Summary The assumption is that you already have a Raspberry Pi Model B+, the Pi Camera module of your choice, any extension cable and the capture software for taking the images etc. This thing is a modular harness that will attach and support the Pi and the camera module onto the front or side of an Ultimaker 2. The camera can be moved into any position and rotates as well so it can look down on your print, or hanging underneath look directly at your print, front face on, or from a corner. It should also be noted that the focal length of the PI Cam module is about 45cm. For this reason you'll probably want to hotglue a +2.0 reading glass lens over the front of the module to get this back in the region of 20-25cm... where this camera actually sits from the center of the build plate. Instructions For the pi you will need a Pi Frame Front, a Pi Frame Back, a hook of your choice (depending on where you'l like to situate your Pi - I'd suggest the side) and a regular (non-long) bolt. Assembly should be pretty self explanatory. For the camera mount you will need the pi cam mount, the mount block, the hook of your choosing (I'd suggest the front) and a long bolt. You then need at least 2 arm pieces to give the flexibility and a regular bolt for each. The mount block has the thread so you need to bolt through the hole in the arm into the block. The same then happens for the second arm. You should then press the Pi Camera Module into the camera head, there are locator pins and recesses for the components on the camera board, so it will sit flush. The camera head should then bolt through to the top of the last arm piece. I also built a lens holder for the photos instead of using hotglue, but I didn't include it in the files because chances are you will not have the same lens. You can take off 2mm of the camera head (taking you t othe mid point of the curves) and then build a 3mm plate to hold your lens. This should give enough clearance for the curved lens from a pair of reading glass.

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