Minecraft skeleton with bow

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Summary My daughter wanted me to make this. I wanted to add a space in the bottom ribs, I was threatened with disowning. I saw a few on here, but they were quite small (this one stands about 130mm high), and mostly solid (this one is semi-articulate) He can also be left handed if you like. The one in the images was printed with glowfill filament. Print Settings Printer Brand: Ultimaker Printer: Ultimaker 2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 25% Post-Printing Joint fitting A few people have posted comments on my things because of having to drill holes out or sand pieces as they don't quite fit etc. I've designed this thing to be printed on my printer, that has been calibrated as best as I can get it. There are tolerance gaps in the joints but they are designed to be tight. The tolerances on my printer are pretty good so chances are you will probably have to sand the pins or drill out the holes a little.

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