Pokeball, with magnetic clasp (alternate)


I felt the original design by CarryTheWhat just needed some tweaking to make it easier to print and assemble.

Print Settings: 0.20mm resolution with 10% infill.  Using Simplify3D I determined the transition point to change filaments from black to white was layer 35. May not have been necessary, but to make sure the pin was solid and the rest of the print followed standard infill, I printed with 4 outer shells. Note: S3D wouldn't place support under the tip of the pin automatically, I had to manually add them. (3mm on build platform only was a good start then added under the tip).

How I Designed This: All done in Tinkercad. First, I took the ring and closed the gap since I was planning to create my own pin anyway (I actually remixed the original pin when I printed the first few awhile back). I married the ring with the bottom (no pun intended) and designed a hinge inspired by the original with smaller gap and slightly more durable pin. While I was at it, I decreased the size of the button to actually fit in the socket now (doesn't require a heat gun and forceful persuasion). I like the base of another Pokeball so I sized it accordingly and included it.

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