Master Sword Sheath

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If you want more information and to see it more closely, watch this video:

This is the sheath that goes along with the Master Sword I created here:

I created this sheath in Fusion 360 along with the sword. I printed this on my Robo 3D R1 using Hatchbox White PLA. The settings I used for this are listed below. The whole thing took about 14 hours to print.

Print Settings: Layer Height: 0.3mm Infill: 20% Supports: No Raft: No

Post-Processing: Step 1: Print and Assemble. Print all the pieces out and use the keys provided to position everything correctly.

Step 2: Glue. Use Super Glue to glue all of the pieces in place. Let them sit until the glue completely sets up. We let ours sits for several days.

Step 3: Hide the seams. We used Loctite repair putty and just smeared it on the seams in order to cover them up.

Step 4: Sanding. Sand any rough spots and make sure to get the repair putty sanded down flush with the rest of the sheath.

Step 5: Prime. Apply a couple coats of plastic primer, letting it dry completely after each coat.

Step 6: Paint the blue sections. We used an airbrush for this, but any painting technique can be used.

Step 7: Paint the gold. Again, any technique can be used, but we went with a small painting sponge to give it a cool texture and allow for easy coverage on these big areas. Just dip the sponge in the paint and dab it all over the areas you want to paint.

Step 8: Apply some sort of finishing coat to it in order to protect it from damage to the paint.

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Sheath Foible 1.stl
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Sheath Middle 1.stl
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Sheath Middle 2.stl
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