Darth Vader Buddha with saber

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Old Darth lego-like buddha

Was tired of loading other darth buddha models that wouldn't slice correctly with cura and required support to print. Flattened the base of the buddha and modified the head to fit better.  Also added a proper chest plate to complete the look.

Pictures don't do it justice.

Darth buddha with saber

Finally got around to rebuilding this with a proper Darth Vader bust (non lego-like), again, no need to print with supports. Some of the improvements:

  • The cowl from buddha's clothing now folds back in a smooth bulge on his back, which prints without supports.
  • Added an edge to the chest plate, so it's not a floating box with buttons in it.
  • The bust is built with as little overhangs as possible. The only area that might require it is on the helmet near the eyes. Your printer will vary.
  • Lastly, his light saber lays at the foot of the pedestal. If people ask or if I get around to it, I might have him holding it in hand instead.

Overall, this is the Darth buddha to rule them all.


No need for supports on the old version (lego-like head).

Darth with saber, might require some support on the helmet in front of the eyes. Although depending on how your printer handles over hangs.

Make sure infill is about 20% and .4mm skin (2 walls) should work well.

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