Fan shroud for Printrbot Simple metal using E3Dv6 hotend

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Modified the Simonwlchan excellent shroud  to fit with a shorter spacer for a e3dv6 hotend. Also removed some extra design elements to print a bit faster. Added a picture of the bridge-torture-test_50mm after installing this fan. Probably should lower the temperature a touch more, but it came out pretty damn great. 

With the latest changes, I shortened the length of the shroud's nozzle so it no longer hits the bed. I also widened the mouth and pointed it down. The air flow hits right below the hot end's nozzle with a wider pattern. 

You can see the new picture of the bridge-torture-test_50mm and it's improved an improvement. Again, thanks to Simonwlchan for making the original shroud this remix is based off.

Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Doesn't Matter

Resolution: .2mm

Infill: none needed 

Notes: No need for supports, but it can help with the inside of the shroud being smoother.

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E3D Printrbot Simple Metal Adapter.stl
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