raspberry pi camera stand for Printrbot Simple w/ cable tunnel

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Summary This is a raspberry pi camera case and stand to mount on the left side of a printrbot simple metal. I'm in the process of designing hidden wiring system for the PSM and the camera stand is just one of the parts.

As you can see from the last few pictures, it's gone through some revisions, with this being the final form. The camera stand features a the hidden wire tunnel along the back. No wire hanging about loosely. The ball joint connector is very stiff, which makes it easy to point the camera in any direction.

Lastly, the stand itself is pretty hefty, reducing any vibration and wobble from being recorded by the camera itself. If you want the stand for the right side, just mirror the stand in your slicing app. 

Print Settings 

Rafts: No Supports: Very slight Resolution: .2mm Infill: 18%

Notes: The ball joint requires a little support under it to keep it nice and round. Make sure that there are no supports inside the hidden wire tunnel. I printed this with with black PLA from Inland, no issues with the heated bed.

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