Articulating Arm Lamp Clamp w/ SeeMeCNC Moai Statue


I couldn't mount my articulating arm work lamp to the workbench with the provided base, so I built a simple clamp using SeeMeCNC's Moai statue for a base.

Print Settings: I recommend around 30% infill for the statue, 80% infill for the screw and additional shells.

I printed mine using Bamboo filament at .5 resolution using a .6 nozzle and random start points to force texture on the statue (for aesthetics)

How I Designed This: I grabbed the statue from and used Tinkercad to add the screw. I post-processed in Meshmixer to fill in some holes and fixed a few surface items on the statue.

Considerations: I would print the screw in a fairly strong material (i.e. Nylon, PETG) that has good layer adhesion. As you can see in the picture my wooden screw didn't hold up too well, so I printed one in a sample of PETG material (Thank you, Makerbox subscription) at a very slow speed with 5 shells & 80% infill.

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