Nano Drone Wrist Mount (CX-10D)

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Summary Shenzhen has a lively FPV drone racing scene. Due to the low cost almost anyone can afford to get involved, build and fly their own drone. It’s sort of a modern version of drag racing but for geeks. While I’m not quite ready to race I do like to go and cheer on the local competitors. Of course, I don’t want people thinking I’m only a spectator but I also don’t want to drag a large drone around with me so I keep my little nano drones handy to show off my piloting skills to any doubters. I like this model since it has an "easy mode" with altitude control so I can hand them off and get beginners up and flying quickly. Wrist mount fits the popular Cheerson CX-10D (I have no commercial affiliation with them). I use a little dot of Blu-tack and they stay in place just fine. Belt mount requires two small magnets, glue one to the controller and one to the buckle. I have both a split version that requires no/minimal support, and full version that requires quite a bit of support but looks cleaner. The split version can be glued together.

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