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Summary So it's Maker Faire season again here in Shenzhen and I wanted something to follow up last years DIY Hikaru Skirt ( This time I wanted to try to come up with something completely original (at least as far as I know). While there are lots of 3D printed clothes in the news, nearly all are printed on expensive SLS printers and the source code is almost never published. Like all my projects, I wanted it to be Open Source and a realistic project for any Maker to build and improve on. So I came up with this, a wearable array of LED lit infinity mirror tiles inspired by traditional Chinese 两当铠 armor. The tiles form a flexible matrix that can be reconfigured into different garments, or even a bag. Every tile measures 66mm on each edge, and has four magnetic electrical conductors that can link it to it's neighboring tile. So long as each row and column gets power, there is endless variations that can be tried. With an Arduino and LED matrix controller, each individual tile can be controlled so complex patterns can play across the surface. This is just a first prototype though so all the lights get power continuously and there is no matrix control. There is room in the battery pack to add a Arduino later though. I'll have a full parts list and printing instructions up within the next day, in the mean time you can get a pretty good idea of how it works here: see it in action here: and watch the video to see how to build your own below. Print Settings Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2mm Infill: 30% Notes: You can alter the 3D models here: Post-Printing These are the parts needed to make the current (alpha) version of the Infinity Skirt. Rainbow ribbon cable 14 conductor Two meters 5mm Magnetic ball Quantity 100 Cylinder Magnet 4*6 Quantity 100 Rectangular Magnet 25 10 4 Quantity 20 Transparent 1mm Acrylic Mirror 50mm x 50mm (laser cut) Quantity 25 Regular 1mm Acrylic Mirror 60mm x 60mm (laser cut) Quantity 25 Low Profile Socket head cap screws M3x6 Quantity 50 Square Nut M3x5.2x2 Quantity 50 Set Screw (sharp tip) M3x6 Quantity 10 White 5mm LED strip (60LED per meter, 5V 3528) 2 Meters Two conductor 24awg wire 10 Meters Plastic belt like this: Optional but very useful for fitting: 8mm Magnetic ball Quantity 25 6.3mm Magnetic ball Quantity 25 This battery pack DOES NOT WORK WELL. I'd wait or make something better so I'm not including the parts for it. Custom Section

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