Modular Spool, low material and stable (from 5 to 20Meter)

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Summary I have many € 1 filaments bought from amazon and China, I started organizing them and so I created a modular spool. The material is about 10g for Spool End, 13g for 5/10Meter spool and 15 for 20Meter. You can complete a spool combining a spool and a spool end or 2 same type of spool. You can use this spool as singular or create a battery of spool, in battery You can save some material using the back of existing spool as top. I add a filament holder (even if I put hole in the spool). But the photo explain better. If you need some other dimension ask without problem. Print Settings Printer: Anet A8 Stock Supports: Yes Resolution: 0,2 Infill: 30%

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