Lithophane frame with LED lights

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A co-worker has been showing anyone who would look a picture of her son who just finished Army boot camp. I offered to do a Lithophane of the photo, and when she saw it, she was amazed. I decided she needed a good way to display it and set to work. I found a source for a 12vdc LED lit panel that had a lit area of about 4" x 6", a 12vdc power supply and an adapter plug to connect the two. The lithophane was, by sheer chance, almost a perfect fit for the panel. I used Fusion360 to draw the frame, back, and stands.  I printed them out on a Hictop 3DP-11 using Hatchbox brown PLA filament.  I cut a thin piece of Acrylic to cover the delicate front surface of the Lithophane, and snapped them all together. It's a bit hard to get a fair representation of the effect with a cellphone camera, but it almost jumps out of the frame at you. 

As for the Lithophane itself, I didn't include it in this file, but if you're using Cura as your slicer, it's as easy as loading a .JPG , answering a few questions about size and reversal, and sending it to your printer. I've found Esun's Warm White PLA+ to be excellent for Lithophanes.  Other whites I've tried apparently have so much pigment in them that they're opaque in thin sections. Warm White is translucent, and works wonderfully!

I got the LED panel at Electronic Goldmine, and the power supply and adapter on Amazon. Ask me if you want part numbers and details.

Print Settings:

Layer height: .2mm

Shell thickness: 1.2mm

retraction enabled

Fill density: 15%

Print speed 60

Print temp: 210

Bed temp: 70

No support

No raft

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Flow: 80%

Nozzle size: .4mm

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