Klingon Com Badge (Star Trek)


Okay ... this is created using the screenshots of Gowron from the episode "Redemption". Maybe it's not a "com badge" like those of the Federation - but it's the closest I have seen - and what I shall call it.  

I was also able to find a couple of pics online of the "Screen Used" prop (it could be). And did it as close as I could - without the scuffs of usage... (and maybe a bit more symmetry than the hand made props of old). The viewing angles and scale in the pics are not exactly that same - so some features might not look the same size - but this is illusion.  

I have a cheap handsfree Bluetooth device coming in the mail (love DX.com) - and shall try to make a conversion of this to suit - if that works - I will put up the plan and links to the bluetooth (I have high hopes to make a Klingon version of what Thinkgeek did to the Fed com badge)

(Lots of credit goes to Chris "Admiral qurgh zantai-lungqIj" of KAG for actually finding the images that got me going - all I did was find them again when looking for more detail) 

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