Eye of Agamotto - Doctor Strange (with Opening Eye)

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Read how it was made here at Black Ram Industries.

YouTube - 3D printed Eye of Agamotto in action

I really enjoyed the Doctor Strange movie and wanted to make a Cosplay Eye of Agamotto that could open and close with the light inside.

I designed a mechanical cam mechanism behind the eye lids with a case to open and close the eye by rotating the back. I split the main body so that the front and rear pieces are easier to print.

Print Settings

Printer: Zortrax m200

Resolution: 0.19mm              Infill: Low

Angle (Support): 30 Degrees - I recommend using the maximum support possible.

Material: Z-Ultrat                       Quality: Fine


Check out the video for the assembly.

Assembly Video

Glue the top face piece to the rear base to complete the assembly.

Eye Light

For the eye effect I used

LED: BlinkM Mini - https://thingm.com/products/bl...

Power: 2 x 1.5V Button Cell Batteries (A76/LR44)

Diffuser: Tissue and plastic bag.

A great video on building and painting the eye done by Uncle Jessy can be found here:

Doctor Strange 3D Printed Eye of Agamotto Replica Prop

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