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This is a carefully balanced Dice (so it rolls proper) for some games I developed (developing) ... Depending on the game is how many you need. 

Standard Dice - Consider Batman 1, Flash 2, Cyborg 3, Aquaman 4, Wonder Woman 5, Superman 6 (or whatever you want really)


BvS Battle - for 2 players using 5 dice (or more).  Each player declares their Hero (one player then the next after tally, or each has the same amount of dice to roll at the same time)   

- 1st roll, put your Hero(s) aside and roll the rest  

- 2nd roll, put your Hero(s) aside and roll the rest 

- 3rd roll, put your Hero(s) aside... player with the most of their hero wins.


BvS Battle version 2 - for 2 players using 11 dice. One player is Batman, the other is Superman. Decide who goes first any method you wish.  

On your turn, take three dice and roll them.

If you roll your Hero – you hit the your opponent solid. Set your Hero dice to your left.

If you roll the opponents Hero – he hit you! Set him to your right.

If you roll the other Heroes – they helped your opponent dodge. Place them in front of you. If you choose to roll again, you will re-roll these dice, along with enough new ones to bring the total to three.

If you rolled three of your opponents Hero, your turn is over. Otherwise, you can choose to stop and score, or continue.

If you decide to stop, score 1 point for each of your Hero you have. It’s the next player’s turn, using all the dice.

If you choose to keep going, leave all of your Hero on the table. Unless all three of your dice are other Heroes, take enough new dice to total three, and roll again. Whenever you roll, you will roll three dice at a time.

After you take new dice, you can’t decide to stop . . . you have to roll. Set aside your Hero and opponents Hero as above. If you get up to 3 of your opponents Hero, your turn is over and you score nothing. Otherwise, you can stop and score, or take another roll 

.If you don’t have three dice left, make a note of how many of you Hero you have and reuse them (keep your opponents Heroes). Then continue.

Play until someone reaches 11 points. Then finish the round. Whoever has the most Brains at the end of that round is the winner. If there’s a tie, the leaders (only) play a tiebreaker round.


Justice League Yatzee is in the images.


 I'll be printing some soon to show - so watch for the updates.

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