DJI Inspire 1 Handles


Being the owner of a media company base on the coast close to the ocean i found myself doing a lot of tricky live take-offs and landings using the DJI Inspire. We conduct a lot of work where it is necessary to take-off from a small boat which does not have adequate take-off room.

I've seen many people catch the inspire right under the battery but have still found this to be somewhat dicey when you are on a rocking or moving boat. I also have seen a lot of similar designs to this however many are quite larger and bulkier.

These handles have been design to be used with two 10mm x 280mm Carbon fibre tubes to keep size and weight to a minimum. Before landing and takeoff the Inspire should have its landing gear down for optimal catching/takeoff.

I've follow with these attachments as a permanent addition to all of our inspires for over the past year and have had no issues what so ever.

Thought it's about time i share my project with other pilots in need.

Needed Parts List:

2 x 10mm x 280mm carbon fiber tube

8 x M4x20mm bolts

8 x M4 Nuts

Printing Insturctions:

- ABS or PLA

- Print with Supports

- 30% infill

Design Files

File Size

dji_inspire_handles_part 2.stl
30.6 KB
dji_inspire_handles_part 1.stl
29.4 KB


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