Star Wars Light Saber Stand

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SummaryMy friend purchased a Kylo Ren light saber for his son’s birthday. I did not particularly like the stand that comes with the piece, so I made another one. This stand is made to hold the saber upright and has a clip (double stick this to the wall) to hold the blade in place. The logo can be glued on to the top of the clip. The base has a logo on it already.Print SettingsPrinter: DRT- HanBotRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 15%Notes: Extruder Heat = 200c Bed Heat = 65c Print Speed = 100mm/s Shell thickness = 0.4(min) - 0.8(max) Solid top bottom thickness of 0.6 How I Designed ThisThis was designed using FreeCad.

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